Influenced by the sound of the 80’s, The B.A. Sisters (Sabrina Love and Melissa Evila) are a hard hitting electro metal duo, fusing styles of heavy rock and classic electronic music.

Growing up in the mid-eighties in Manhattan as part of a musical family, the two sisters were immersed in the Punk and New Wave cultures of the New York scene. After a few years the family moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where their parents started a band called “Down Town B.A.” Hearing their parents play and seeing them record in the studio helped guide the sisters artistic careers, and their band name.

Both sisters gravitated towards music, picking up instruments at an early age and forming bands with other musicians. In the 90’s Melissa and Sabrina began playing together in a punk rock band, writing songs and playing local underground shows. As life happens the two started to pursue different artistic avenues, with Melissa continuing to play music, while Sabrina headed towards theatre and independent films.

Melissa developed into a multi-instrumentalist, having learned piano, drums, bass, and guitar by the time she was 18. She also studied music at the Berklee College of Music in Argentina, where she perfected her musicianship. Through the years Melissa played in countless metal and rock bands, and has performed all over South America in multiple capacities as a musician.

Sabrina, pursuing the actress route, spent four years studying at the National University of Drama, where she refined and developed her acting and performance skills. While attending school she was featured in numerous theatre shows and TV programs, garnering an affinity for live performance.

Melissa had spent a few years learning the ins and outs of music production and synthesis, and recognized that Sabrina’s vocals would be the perfect compliment to her productions. So both sisters, after years of relentless dedication to perfecting their crafts, decided to pick up where they left off and start writing music again. Enter The B.A. Sisters.